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I Heart Faces– A Slice of Life

The theme at I Heart Faces this week is “Slice of Life”, or lifestyle photography. I wasn’t going to enter, because I just couldn’t nail it down in my mind. How many pictures do I take “in the moment”? Thousands, from wrestling to Scouts to school to home. I try to capture “natural moments” when I do photo shoots, too. And I am not the most decisive person, so choosing just one shot? accck. But, I took this photo last week at our school. One of our alums, Jacob Dennis, was killed in Afghanistan last summer, and the school dedicated a “fallen soldier” memorial to him, as well as naming the football field after him. It was a very special night; I love this quote in the Marietta Daily Journal by our headmaster, Todd Clingman. “You see schools name things after big donors,” Clingman said. “What bigger investment can a kid make than give his life for his country?” I took some pictures for the school, but this capture was completely spontaneous. As we were leaving the field, the setting sun illuminated the flag at half-mast, as well as the face of Jacob’s father. This is truly a slice of life that was bittersweet.


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Macro Friday, Week 44–Hooking Up with Blogging from Bolivia

My dear, dear friend Becky told me about this wonderful blog called Blogging from Bolivia.  Here’s the story of Laura; I think she’s pretty cool.  And, she hosts a link-up of macro shots on her blog every Friday; how cool is that?  Macro is near and dear to my heart; while I don’t have a true macro set-up, I still love zooming in close and going for the details.  So, today I shall play (even though it’s called Macro FRIDAY, you can link up anytime from Friday through Sunday night. Even BETTER!).   My first entry is a moon shot that I took Friday morning; the moon was still up after sunrise, which allowed me to increase the quality of the photo and get a shot that could really zoom in.  I love the moon….

_MG_8337 wm

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I Heart Faces–Sunflare

_MG_6613 wm

To be kissed by both the sun and your daughter at the same time might be as close to heaven on earth as it gets….

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