Macro Friday, Week 44–Hooking Up with Blogging from Bolivia

My dear, dear friend Becky told me about this wonderful blog called Blogging from Bolivia.  Here’s the story of Laura; I think she’s pretty cool.  And, she hosts a link-up of macro shots on her blog every Friday; how cool is that?  Macro is near and dear to my heart; while I don’t have a true macro set-up, I still love zooming in close and going for the details.  So, today I shall play (even though it’s called Macro FRIDAY, you can link up anytime from Friday through Sunday night. Even BETTER!).   My first entry is a moon shot that I took Friday morning; the moon was still up after sunrise, which allowed me to increase the quality of the photo and get a shot that could really zoom in.  I love the moon….

_MG_8337 wm

Please do head over to Macro Friday and check out the other participants; I imagine there will be all kinds of “up close and personal” shots over there!


10 responses to this post.

  1. P2- that is a really awesome shot. Great job….I think I see the man in the moon !!!


  2. Pam, this is nothing short of awesome!! The details, oh wow! I’ve never been able to capture the moon as anything other than a yellow blur/blob. 😦 Yours is fantastic! When I grow up and finally learn to capture the moon properly, this is what I want my moon shot to look like. 🙂


  3. That is STUNNING!

    I’m sure the moon would be impressed with your profile shot 🙂


  4. Oh wow! That photograph is INCREDIBLE! I can never take good moon shots!

    K xx


  5. I love this moon shot Pam! It nothing short of amazing! I love the detail you captured! You are a sensational photographer of the moon, and of other things : ) Love you to the moon!


  6. Wow. Amazing shot!


  7. Oh my word! The detail of the moon is amazing! Great shot1


  8. Absolutely magnificent. Really. I’m in awe!!

    be blessed



  9. Congrats, Pam!! You really are awesomely talented, you know. I love being able to see the moon up close like this!


  10. That is the most amazing shot of the moon I think I have ever seen- WOW


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