Macro Friday– Robbers can be beautiful

Robberfly no wm

Hooking up again with Blogging From Bolivia for Macro Friday!  I linked up 2 weeks ago with my shot of the moon and got picked as the winner, which meant that I got to pick the winner for this past week. And, since I was the judge, I didn’t enter (because, really.. why?).  This week, I’m entering a photo that I took of a robber fly.  I never thought that bugs were beautiful til my son became enamored of all things insect; now, I see the beauty in them (even when I don’t really want to touch them…!). For more great macro shots, please click the button below and head on over to Blogging for Bolivia for the Macro Friday linkup!


11 responses to this post.

  1. I agree with your son. Insects are beautiful especially with macros.


  2. Oh my goodness. That is an amazing shot. Such detail! Love it!!


  3. Absolutely amazing! I was floored by your shot of the moon 2 weeks ago & this shot is amazing too! Thank you for choosing me as the winner from last week- seeing your amazing photographs makes me feel so honored that you liked my shot. 🙂


  4. Wow! this is awesome!


  5. that’s a great close up, but I don’t think I’d like that insect to sit down anywhere near me 🙂


  6. Wowza! This is just awesome… the fine details, the clarity –everything! I don’t like flies one bit, but I find myself looking and looking at this photo. GREAT capture! 🙂


  7. Creepy!!!! In a very cool way, of course. Great shot!


  8. Wow! What an amazing macro!! I love all the “hairs” all over his body! Phenomenal details! I have seen robberflies before, but never this clearly!
    I love finding beauty in the insect world.


  9. A great macro shot. I’ve not had the best of luck with insects, I’ve got a few. Now I kind of agree with you about bugs being beautiful, but some are really creepy 🙂


  10. Fabulous shot. You managed to get all the details of this interesting creature. V


  11. Great shot! He’s so cute – or is it a “she?”

    Love tiny things and love to paint them.


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