8 weeks

It’s been 8 weeks. Two months. Seems like yesterday, and yet it seemed like it would go on forever. But now, it’s finally, for the most part, over. Thank you, God.

Valentines Day, February 14… I had helped to deliver some Valentines treats to faculty and staff at NCCS. And then I went home and was working on the computer. The phone rang at about 12:45, and caller ID said NCCS. I picked up the phone, expecting it to be ….? I don’t know, but I surely didn’t expect it to be what it was. Sweet Annette said “I’m in the clinic, and it looks like Adam MIGHT have broken his arm. You need to come on over here.” I think I held my breath; I might have started shaking a little bit. “Really? OK, I’m on my way!” I dialed hubby on the way out the door; “School called; they think Adam might have broken his arm. I’m headed over.” He replied with “I’m on my way, too.” (Thank you again, God… what would I have done without him there?). As I drove, I called the school and was patched back in to the clinic. “Did you call an ambulance yet? Will he still be at school?” I asked. The nurse sounded pretty casual; “Well, he says it hurts pretty bad, but we haven’t called an ambulance yet.” I chatted breezily about how dramatic he is, thinking that it hurt but that he might be overplaying it a bit. Not knowing, until I walked in and saw his face, that it was this:

view 2 crip

No, wait. That wasn’t really the best angle. Let’s try again:

view 1 crop

Yes. That’s it. If you look at this x-ray, you can see how the arm itself bends. THAT’s what I saw, along with a sweaty face, clinched teeth, and pure shock in the face of my boy. I took one look at him and turned to the nurse. “Call an ambulance. NOW. And we’re going to Scottish Rite.” They were fast; yet again, thank you, God. The paramedics cut the long sleeve of his shirt off, and one of them remarked that it looked like he had a puncture wound. Another speculated that maybe they cut his arm while cutting the sleeve. They stuck a bandaid on the wound and splinted his arm, as he screamed. Because his dad was there, I was able to leave the room. Yes… thank you, God.
In the ambulance, the EMT said that he needed to start an IV for morphine. I could see the fear ramp up in Adam’s eyes; he hates needle sticks. But he was in so much pain; he needed this needle. The EMT asked us to distract him, so I made him look at me, and I promised him the biggest LEGO set ever. It worked; even though he yelped when the needle pierced his skin, he still was trying to think about LEGO sets, and it was enough to keep him still. I jumped into the passenger seat, Chuck ran and got in the van to follow, and we heaaded out. The lady EMT who was driving tried to convince me to let them take him to Kennestone, but I insisted on Scottish Rite. Good thing, because remember that x-ray? And remember the blood and the band aid? Turns out that the bone came through the skin and went back in; since it was an open fracture, they HAD to do surgery. Couldn’t have done it at Kennestone; we would have just sat in the E.R. for hours and then STILL ended up at Scottish Rite. Hello… God? I really can’t thank you enough…
Even better, though, was the fact that Adam’s Cub Scout den leader is also a nurse at Scottish Rite. I called her as we drove down, and she had everything set up and waiting by the time he got there. The service was incredible; if you live in the Atlanta area and your child needs medical attention outside of what your pediatrician can provide, I STRONGLY suggest that you go to Scottish Rite (or Egleston, if you live in that area). These folks know how to take care of children, and I felt like they gave him every bit of attention and expertise that he needed. He ended up staying overnight to get I.V. antibiotics and went into surgery Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m. to have the open fracture cleaned, a rod placed, and his arm casted. The date? February 15. His 11th birthday. The most expensive birthday outing EVER. See his present:

Surgery rod view4 crop

Nice. And see what he brought home:

Day 47-_MG_4899 cast

yeah. REAALLY nice. But he’s a trooper; he really is. He came in to school on Thursday to visit his class and let them sign his cast:


And Thursday night, he made it to the wrestling banquet and was awarded “Most Improved” lower school wrestler:

Day 48_MG_5075

On Friday, the wonderful room moms brought in a cookie cake since he didn’t get one for his birthday. Not only did HIS class sing; the ENTIRE 5th grade stood, sang, and gave him a rousing ovation. It was pretty stinkin’ awesome:

Day 49 _MG_5259  welcome back

After three weeks, he needed a new cast. He picked a VERY bright combo of red and orange, and he nearly blinded himself:


And three weeks later, he got to move to a short cast:

_MG_8639 crop

And yesterday.. finally… the cast was removed for good. He finally has two working arms again:

_MG_9952 wm

One of them bears the scars of this journey:

_MG_9951 wm

And along the way, he made a new friend (Mr. Mac), who introduced him to the joys of baseball cards:

_MG_9953 wm

He still has a splint to wear during the day. He still has a rod, which will need to be removed in the fall. He still needs to be careful, because it will take about a year for his arm to fully heal. But he’s on the other side of the mountain now, and hopefully and prayerfully, he has learned the things that God intended for him to learn on this path. We have certainly been bathed in prayer and lifted with encouragement, and we are grateful for the friends who have helped to make this a much easier path to walk. One more time…

Thank you, God.


6 responses to this post.

  1. I am so sorry for all you had to go through this year. Sweet Adam. I am glad he is healing. I know you must have a heart attack every day when he goes of to play because we both know how careful and cautious boys are…


  2. I am sorry to hear about your son and the ordeal you all had to go through. It seems he’s well on his way to full recovery, thanks to loving friends and family. And definitely Thank God!


  3. Those pictures are insane… really!

    (I am glad my mom didn’t keep my xray photos from all my casts – I’m getting nauseous thinking about poor Adam’s break!)

    Amazing how God takes care of those “little” details, that turn into BIG details. Thankful that He led you every step of the way.

    And did I miss it? HOW exactly did that boy do such a crazy break???


  4. Oh my, Pam! What a scare! So glad for God’s healing for him! I know you must be proud of his hard work in wrestling too! I loved all the pics documenting the ordeal and felt like I was right there with you…cheering you on! You are a great mom! 🙂


  5. WOW ~ That was SOME break! Glad your lad is on the mend now though 🙂


  6. Oh, wow! First I heard of this. I can’t believe the school nurse didn’t call the ambulance right away. Makes me hurt just to think about how much pain he was going through.

    So…inquiring minds want to know…what Lego set did he get? 🙂


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