My Girl

I love this girl:

_MG_9965 wm

She may be a “mutt”, but she has the biggest heart of any dog I’ve known. If they had a dog competition for heart, she would win a blue ribbon.

_MG_9968 wm

She’s been a little “puny” over the past week or so, coughing and spitting up puddles of phlegm. Still eating and running around, but just not as “waggy”. Adam and I went to Nashville over Spring Break, and she left puddles in several places for Chuck to clean up when he got home. So, I took her to the vet on Monday. I was worried. She coughed all morning and choked up more puddles. She laid around. I had visions of being told that she had heartworms. That would be awful. When we got into the exam room, she headed straight for the one chair and hopped up in it, sitting very nicely. The vet tech laughed and said “Don’t you know that chair is for your momma?” Blackie just sat and stared at her, with nary a thump of the tail. Her suspicions were well-founded; having her temperature and a stool sample taken weren’t worth a wag. Bless her heart. She had a heartworm test, and a chest x-ray, too. Then the vet came back in to the room to discuss the results.

_MG_9971 wm

It turns out that Blackie is truly a part of our family and shares our DNA. She has “allergic bronchitis”, the dog version of seasonal allergies. Yep, just like the rest of us. Antibiotics and cough suppressant have eased her symptoms, and yogurt on her food has helped her appetite and settled her tummy. And I am very grateful that our sweet girl is going to be OK….

_MG_9967 wm


4 responses to this post.

  1. What a precious FRIEND you have there, Pam! Just love her face and the look in her eyes. So happy to hear that she doesn’t have anything serious. I feel much the same way about our two dogs. They are very important members of our family and I’d be so lost without them!


  2. Wow, Pam! Great shots of your sweet, furry member of the family! Glad he is okay! They show such detail and are so crisp and sharp! I love his nose! What type of lens did you use?


  3. P2 I am so glad that Blackie is going to be okay. They become a big part of our life and our hearts that we hate it when they are sick or getting old. She is a pretty one too. Glad the meds are helping her..


  4. She is so beautiful Pam! I think my Dad’s dogs were names Blackie too. I hope she feels better soon. Allergies are the worst. They are kicking me on my butt this spring. WOW!


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