Flower on black

IMG_0718 black wm

Playing around in Photoshop Elements; I had already sharpened this and got the levels where I wanted and saved it. Then I started creating duplicate background layers and messing with levels and contrast, then wiping the changes off of the flower, until I got it where I wanted it. Like a flame in the darkness…


8 responses to this post.

  1. Oh wow…love it!!


  2. It is beautiful Pam! I just love it. WOW! A color explosion!


  3. I always love coming here and marveling at your wonderful photos, Pam. =)


  4. It’s beautiful, Pam!


  5. Wow! That is so vibrant! Love the contrast of the yellow to the black!



  6. I love the way you edited this shot! Very nice contrast of yellow on black. Great job! Thanks for sharing this with us at Communal Global. =)


  7. One of these days, I plan to learn how to do Photoshop Elements…it really intimidates me! I love the final result! The color just POPS right out at you! Beautiful!


  8. So pretty!


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