I Heart Faces-Yellow

I wasn’t going to even enter the IHF contest this week; I didn’t have a yellow photo and didn’t have time to TAKE a yellow photo. There were a couple of pictures that had yellow things in them, but really? Not that good. At all. And then, a miracle happened (OK, it wasn’t a miracle; it was a photo shoot). And the location was LOADED with bright yellow daylilies. Imagine that. I might have let out a tiny little squeal inside my head (does anyone else do that?), because yellow landed right in my lap. PloP (what does yellow even SOUND like? Bright and cheery, I guess, as opposed to midnight blue, which is dark and mysterious). Wait; where was I? Oh.. right. Photo contest. Yellow. Perfect setup. So, here’s my “Yellow” submission, with two perfectly beautiful faces (who just celebrated one year of wedded bliss!) in the background. For more bright, sunny, cheerful YELLOW photos, make sure you go to I Heart Faces and click around…

Vintage Yellow


7 responses to this post.

  1. I love when that happens! lol. Same thing happened to me. I had no “yellow” photos at all! & then I had a photoshoot on Sunday & my client was wearing a yellow blouse! YAY!
    Great photo, very romantical 😉


  2. thats funny. I do the same thing. And I love this photo. :0)


  3. Yellow sounds just as you have described it : )
    Love your picture that landed in your lap. Love your happy couple : )
    Love you.


  4. This was all meant to be!


  5. Love that the focus it on the beauty of the flowers and meaning behind that….very cool! 🙂


  6. Love it when things PLOP into your lap Pam!

    And what a great way to use bokeh – such a pretty shot!


  7. Oh, how pretty, Pam! I love how the flowers are in the foreground and the smiling couple is in the background. Perfect composition!


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