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Love That Shot–Reflections

For today’s Love That Shot theme, the Love That Shot ladies said “The theme today is Reflections. This can be a literal interpretation of a reflection in a mirror or liquid surface, or it can be more abstract…maybe a reflection on a past memory or event.” My photo is both; the reflection in the glasses is of the flags of the Patriot Riders at the funeral of Jacob Dennis. Jacob died in Afghanistan a year ago this weekend, and our entire school has grieved with the many members of his family who are a part of it. His mother, aunt, and cousin all work there, and several other cousins are students. He graduated in 2005. As I reflect on the life and sacrifice of Jacob, I am thankful that heroes like him willingly put themselves on the line so that we can continue to live in freedom here in America. God Bless you, Dennis family, and God bless the U.S.A.



Love That Shot–Storytime Photo Challenge

How to save a life

Michelle and Misti’s challenge for today is this: “What story will you share with us today? Tell us a story using three or more photos, and link-up your post below for an extra entry in our Birthday Celebration Giveaway!” I took these photos yesterday as my boy’s Scout patrol learned the basics of CPR from their wonderful former den leader and RN. Hopefully, Adam will never have to use his newfound knowledge, but thankfully, he IS prepared, as every good Boy Scout should be.
For more stories through pictures, please visit Love That Shot and the links of those who participated. And… well, you know the drill… “Happy Birthday, LTS!”

Love That Shot–A Bit of Whimsy

K with vintage XP

I’m not quite sure what ‘whimsy” is, but I would say that this shot is whimsical.  Filled with light and a little bit of magic.  This is the last “celebration week” for Love That Shot, and the prizes are huge!  But the biggest part of the fun for me is helping such wonderful friends to celebrate a stellar year and to wish them even more success in the next one! Have a wonderfully whimsical day!

I Heart Faces–Whimsy

What is “Whimsy”? One of the definitions is “A quaint or fanciful quality”, and that’s what I went with in picking my photo for this week’s contest. My boy spotted this nest when there were eggs in it (Mama and Daddy Robin apparently built it while school was out for spring break, not realizing that they were down low in a heavily trafficked area). I took pictures every day or two, documenting the hatching and the rapid growth of the babies. This photo was taken the night of the spring band concert; if my boy hadn’t been in the concert, I would have never been at the school at that time. When they were done, he and I went over to grab a few pictures of the baby birds. Within a minute of taking this photo, the first one suddenly spread its wings and flew right by my head, followed in rapid succession by all but one. It WAS a magical and whimsical moment for both my son and me.


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Love That Shot–Home Sweet Home

What does “home” mean to me? I think there will always be a part of me that stays in Nashville, where I grew up and where my momma still lives (in the same house we moved into in 1967):

Nana love...

But I’ve lived in Georgia for over half my life now, and in this house for 20 years:


I’ve lived there in summer:


and winter:


But it isn’t just the house that makes a place home. This blog is called “Life by the Creek” for a reason:




My boy wouldn’t be who he is without that creek, or the woods that go with it:

_MG_9168 contrast




Or the critters that are IN the woods:




But the thing that really makes this home is having these fellas there:


How about you? What does home mean in your “neck of the woods”? To find out what home means to some other folks, click the button below and head to Love That Shot for the linkup!

Love That Shot–Local Flavor

Somebody must have given God a copy of the photo contest themes from Love That Shot this week; He seems to be creating all sorts of opportunities for me to participate without even breaking a sweat. Local flavor was a theme that had me stymied; until I met a dear friend at a local tearoom today to catch up on life. I didn’t take my “big-girl camera”, because it would have been a little awkward to whip out a 7D right in the middle of a lovely luncheon (hello, MICHELLE…did you catch that 7D reference? YEAH! 7D Rocks!!!). So I had my little Canon Powershot Elph, a 7 MP oldie from probably 5 years ago. And I’m pretty darn happy with the way it captured the local “flavor” of the tearoom and our VERY fun “girls day out”.

Look… they had a little placecard with our names on it, just waiting for us at the table:


And a stunning mink stole on the back of Darcy’s chair….


The pecan-encrusted chicken salad was SOOOO good!


and the best part might have been the fresh lemon curd and amaretto creme provided to top off the delicious little scones….


But going home with this coming in…


was one little bit of local flavor that I could have done without!

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Love That Shot–YUMMMMM!!!!

Have you ever had something fall in your lap unexpectedly?  That’s how I feel about today’s entry at Love That Shot.  I don’t do a lot of food photography, so the theme “Yummm” had me a little stumped.  But then the doorbell rang, and the dog barked, and I found a package waiting for me from here:


And THIS intriguing statement was right there on the box:


(I’ll wait while you finish giggling.)





When I ripped apart  gently opened the package, this is what I found:


A couple of dear friends sent these chocolate covered strawberries over; my boy is away from home for the first time ever, and I think they wanted to cheer me up as well as thanking me for some help I’ve given them.

It worked.

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