I Heart Faces-From a Distance


The theme for this week’s contest at I Heart Faces is “From a Distance”. The focus isn’t on faces this time, which can make for a great “storytelling” photo. I took this photo last week while we were on vacation in Destin, Florida. My sweet husband does NOT like to have his picture taken, so I have to sneak (let’s just say that I have a LOT of “from a distance” photos of him!). I really like this one, because he’s on his boat, which is the place he most loves to be. He keeps her (the boat) down in Florida, and he lives for those times that we can make it down there. Even from a distance, I can tell that he has shed the stress and worry from back home and is just relaxing and loving life.

For more interpretations on the theme and to meet some wonderful people, head on over to I Heart Faces and check out the links (after you leave me a comment… pretty please and thank you….).


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  1. I love the boat. And the water. And the tea.
    I love that you could get away.
    And take a break from life : )
    And be together with your loves.
    Love that. : )


  2. Posted by Austin-Lee on June 5, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    Great shot and story !


  3. I love that big jar of tea, too! At least he keeps her (the boat) down in Florida and not her (the wife!) 🙂


  4. I love the stories that all of the photos are telling this week. I hope your trip was super wonderful and relaxing Pam!


  5. Cute idea. I often times have to sneak pictures of my husband as well. Sometimes he’ll questions me “are you taking my pic”- just catching the views. 🙂


  6. LOVE his ice tea cup!


  7. Only wish I could come too! What a great shot of a memory to cherish… and I love that Becky noticed the tea – great eye! 🙂


  8. This is so cool, love your angle and perspective!


  9. like the idea of a story shot… and for some reason I was drawn to the mason jar of tea;) Very refreshing!


  10. Neat shot! My husband is the same way!


  11. Love this image … takes me back to when my brother had a boat … and yes, I love the jar of tea there, as well!


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