Love That Shot-Summertime Treasures

The theme for the Wednesday Love That Shot birthday celebration contest is “Summertime Treasures”. Which, for us, is not the usual thing. My boy lives to go to Destin, Florida and find “critters”, whether it be at the dock, in the ocean, or on the beach. Hubby took him and a friend to “Crab Island” in the boat last week; it’s a shallow area in the bay right by the Destin bridge. Lots of boats anchor there so the boaters can frolic in the clear, waist-high water. For Adam, it’s a chance to catch bunches of crabs, usually of the hermit variety. This time, he scored a spider crab, which really creeps me out. It looks like a cross between a giant brown recluse spider and that thing from the movie “Alien” that was attached to the guy’s face. But to my boy, it looks like treasure….


To discover more summertime treasure, sail on over to Love That Shot and check out the link-ups. And once again, don’t forget to wish ’em a Happy Birthday!


2 responses to this post.

  1. That thing is huge. WOWZERS!


  2. That thing is amazing and creepy scary! And I just realized that Becky and I both called it “that thing”. Should speak for itself, no? 🙂


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