Love That Shot-Oh So Dramatic!

The Thursday birthday photo challenge for Love That Shot is “Oh So Dramatic”… looking for black and white drama. I have really started enjoying doing black and white conversions. For a long time, I just took away the saturation. Or used an action (I do love Florabella’s Black and White Mink, and I just got Totally Rad’s first set, so I have some of their awesome B/W actions, too). But I have decided that I LIKE doing my own black and whites. I do an adjustment layer with gradient mapping to get the initial conversion; that lets me get it close to where I like it. Then I tweak it, using levels, contrast, and brightness. I finish off by doing a duplicate layer, playing with the levels, and then erasing to bring back in the details that I like. A final sharpening finishes it off. This dock photo, with it’s reflections and shadows, seems to be a perfect “reflection” of the dramatic black and white theme. Although, there really isn’t a lot of drama on a peaceful dock on a summer evening. Oh well… I guess maybe I created the drama.. something that I do all too well!

IMG_5132 bw wm

For more dramatic life in black and white, stomp on over to Love that Shot and check out the entries! Make sure to scream “Happy Birthday” to Michelle and Misty while you’re there!


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  1. Beautiful….I can remember back when B&W was all you got and everyone wanted color …and how happy we were to get it… we all love the B&W again. I think it is classy looking. Great job on this one.


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