I Heart Faces–Bright and Vivid

Bright and vivid… oh, how I love the theme at I Heart Faces for this week’s photo contest. I do love black and white, and there are times when faded color makes the picture tell a story, but life is technicolor, and bright and vivid make me happy! Like this photo of these two sweet sisters; bright and vivid not only describes their clothes, it describes THEM as well! I know there will be lots of other brilliant and happy photos at I Heart Faces this week, so once you tell me what you think of this shot, please head over there and sprinkle some love around…

_MG_6690 topaz copy


11 responses to this post.

  1. Oh! They sure do seem bright and vivid! Love how happy they are with their furry bunch!


  2. They are little beauties for certain! LOVE this Pam-a-roni!


  3. You really did a great job capturing their eyes! And I love the American Girl dolls. With three girls, our house is full of them!


  4. The girls and their girls! This shot reminds me of my little girl… I love it!


  5. oh – this is so cute and sweet – a party with stuffies and dollies!


  6. Happy little girls. Lovely shot!


  7. wowwww this is just so beautiful!
    And your photo is soo perfect for this challenge
    Like a teaparty with their dollies


  8. Love all the faces you captured so vividly–human and otherwise. You are a gifted lady!



  9. So sweet! Love the focus and composition, so much fun in one picture!


  10. Posted by Austin-Lee on June 13, 2011 at 12:34 pm

    Love it! Too cute 🙂


  11. Beautiful….so crisp and clear and I love those eyes! Nice job. Thanks for coming by the blog and leaving such a thoughtful and sweet comment on the bride and groom.


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