Love That Shot–Home Sweet Home

What does “home” mean to me? I think there will always be a part of me that stays in Nashville, where I grew up and where my momma still lives (in the same house we moved into in 1967):

Nana love...

But I’ve lived in Georgia for over half my life now, and in this house for 20 years:


I’ve lived there in summer:


and winter:


But it isn’t just the house that makes a place home. This blog is called “Life by the Creek” for a reason:




My boy wouldn’t be who he is without that creek, or the woods that go with it:

_MG_9168 contrast




Or the critters that are IN the woods:




But the thing that really makes this home is having these fellas there:


How about you? What does home mean in your “neck of the woods”? To find out what home means to some other folks, click the button below and head to Love That Shot for the linkup!


5 responses to this post.

  1. I love your home : )
    Your creek.
    Your life.
    Love you Pam-a-roni!


  2. So lovely!!


  3. Tell me you have that first shot framed somewhere in your home (sweet home)? I love Adam’s expression – what a sweetheart.

    And your home – set in such lovely settings! Loving all those photos. Except for some of those bugs you used to gross me out with 😉


  4. Nice pics to show us your home. Lots of critters for Adam to mess with! Thanks for sharing, now I feel like I have visited.


  5. Your ‘neck of the woods’ makes me think of my old home growing up. It makes me miss it a little bit now.


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