I LOVE “Love That Shot”!

Online photography communities are one of my favorite resources for meeting other photographers and learning new things. From tutorials to forums to photo contests, you can find whatever you need to enlighten, uplift, and challenge you in your photographic journey. At the top of my list of favorite sites is Love That Shot, started a year ago by sisters Misti Millward and Michelle Johnson.

From great workshops and tutorials to a blog that includes photo challenges to a forum with a multitude of helpful topics, they’ve got it all, and more! The “more” is really my favorite part; they create beautiful textures and photo veils and sell them in their shop. I’ve purchased every set that they have and find myself using them more than any other textures that I have (and I have a LOT!). Imagine my excitement when Misti and Michelle asked me to be a product tester for their products? Yippee… I get the new releases before they go “live” and get to play with them; I am in heaven! You’ll see my posts each month on their blog as I review the new textures and veils, and you’ll see their products in a lot of my photos. Their latest release was the “Kalani” collection of textures. Here’s what they have to say about them:

Add a touch of the tropics to your photos with these Hawaiian inspired textures! 

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this collection will help a sweet little baby receive the surgeries she needs. Click here to read her story! When all of her surgeries have been completed, we will continue to donate 100% of the proceeds from this collection to the regional Children’s Hospital and surrounding Ronald McDonald Houses to help other children in need.So, please help us spread the word! Tell all your friends about this special collection of textures, and help us help as many little children as possible.  Thank you so much for your support!

One of the biggest benefits of textures and veils is that they often provide just the “pop” that you need in a photo without having to do a lot of other editing.  Here’s an example of one photo that I edited with the “Makana” texture from Kalani.

First, the photo SOOC:


It’s a pretty shot, but it lacks depth and dimension. Here’s the same shot with two layers of Makana (overlay at 45% and hard light at 24%). Once I flattened those layers, I sharpened the photo slightly and went to levels to get it right where I wanted it:

IMG_7325 makana

That was the extent of editing; maybe 2 minutes, and it added beautiful color and depth to the photo. You really can spend as little or as much time as you want adding texture; sometimes I wipe it off of the main subject (especially if it’s a person) or add additional layers or even additional textures. I love the artistic freedom that texture and veil layers give me (and veils can really lighten up a too-dark photo without blowing it out). Here’s a final photo of the actual Makana texture with the edit:

Makana berries 720

You can see that the original texture wasn’t the same color as the photo, but it added in a beautiful sunset glow. So, if you’re looking for a different way to edit, or if you’re artistic and love the “lift” that textures give your photos, check out the product tab at Love That Shot and give their textures a try!


5 responses to this post.

  1. I love your edit! You’ve really become a pro at this (from your first days in editing a Mr. Braddy photo – which I still LOVE! 😉

    Honestly – I have had to fight PSE to learn some things – and the texture layer is something that I haven’t figured out. I know I am COMPLETELY missing out. I need you to fly out and show me how to do it. And I can show you where to find the alligator lizards for your grown up Bug Hunter!

    Seriously, your edit is just beautiful!


  2. I am so happy for you Pam! And, happy for them! Love that Shot is getting a real gem of a girl! You rock with your pretty texture work and your gorgeous attitude. I heart you.


  3. I have so much to learn!!! But am willing.


  4. this tea house sounds like a wonderful place to renew friendship – and you are so right – friendship does need fostering!!


  5. Pam, I am loving the new format of your blog. And I am so excited for you to be on board with Love That Shot! I have some of their veils, and I’ve tried using a couple. Maybe I need to play with colors. I never would have chosen that color to try on your photo, and perhaps therein lies the reason I haven’t had such dramatic results. You inspire me! I’m gonna go play with textures now. 🙂 ♥


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