True Story Tuesday–More money than common sense

I haven’t participated in True Story Tuesday in a long time. Rach and Mr. Daddy have had a hard, hard year, so it’s been on hiatus. And I’ve just not been blogging much at all. Today, they started it back, and I do have a story from my distant past, BA (before Adam). Back in those days, I worked for a package delivery company. I won’t name them, but let’s just say that they were ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY not brown. And I might have spent a fair bit of time in Memphis over the years. 13 years, to be exact, serving as a courier, a station manager, and a customer service agent. I have enough TSTs from those years to do at least a year’s worth, but this story comes to mind first.
When your job is delivering packages, you no longer refer to the timeframe after Thanksgiving as “the Christmas season”. It’s Peak. And it’s hell. As a service agent I had a lot of duties, with one of the main ones being the tracing of packages that weren’t on time. As the days ticked away and Christmas loomed, the traces increased exponentially. Our printer had a bell that rang every time a trace came through, and by the week before Christmas, that sucker pretty much rang non-stop. And this one winter, as a heavy snowstorm blanketed our hub in Indy and ice covered the runways at our main hub in Memphis, it looked like a snowstorm of printer paper in our office from trace after trace after trace after… well, you get the picture. Some people were very nice and understood that Mother Nature just wasn’t cooperating. Others got really ugly, to the point of being downright unreasonable. The packages contained everything from perishable foods to diamond engagement rings to that perfect toy that little Johnny just HAD to have. Or, in this case.. that Mom and Dad were frantic to get. Their package had been shipped from Los Angeles via economy service, to arrive at our station outside of Atlanta a couple of days before Christmas. And it was caught in the enormous pile of boxes buried in feet of snow in Indy. Our folks were frantically digging out, trying their best to get things moving. And our couriers were on call, realizing that they would be out delivering on Christmas Eve and even on Christmas Day, trying to keep the “Ho Ho Ho” in the holiday. But the man on the phone was begging, practically screaming, that we HAD to get his package to him before Christmas Eve. Christmas would be RUINED for his little girl if we didn’t.. just ruined. I knew that wouldn’t be able to happen, but I started asking for details on the contents. If it was something like concert tickets for a show that was on Christmas Eve, maybe we could figure something out. And then, he told me what was in the package. And at that point, I knew for sure that there were people on this earth that have waaaaay more money than they do common sense.
It was from LA, remember? Turns out that they were getting the girl a pony for Christmas (do you even KNOW how hard it was for me to not wail to that man “OHHHH… I always asked for a pony for Christmas, and I NEVER got one!!!”?). And they wanted it to be JUST PERFECT, so they ordered a backdrop from an old Western film. A REAL backdrop of a Western desert at sunset. And they had hired people to come over during the night before Christmas to put up this LIFESIZE HUGE WESTERN BACKDROP so that when their precious darling woke up in the morning and they led her by her delicate princess hand out to see her pony, it would be JUST PERFECT.

??? Really??? I kind of wondered if he felt even a LITTLE bit silly telling me that. If at ANY point in our conversation, a tiny little bell went off in his head and a voice said “Dude. Too much. STOP now.” ??? But no. No it didn’t. He wanted it escalated to the president of the company; he wanted his package, because he paid THOUSANDS of dollars for that backdrop so that his princess would have the perfect moment when she saw her new pony. In the end, we were able to get it to him late Christmas Eve, and I’m sure his workers stayed up all night making it just right. I wish I had a picture of Christmas morning… I wonder if a 5 year old girl even KNEW that a backdrop had been flown in from California just for that moment? That was at least 12 or 13 years ago, so princess is probably about a senior in high school right now. And I imagine she’s a real sweetheart to be around. gah.
For more true stories (and Rachel’s sister has a DOOZY! It’s a real gas….!), head on over to Once Upon a Miracle and check out the other blogs that linked up. But before you go, what’s the craziest gift you’ve ever seen someone give their child? Leave the answer in the comments…


10 responses to this post.

  1. Omg i love love love this post
    People be crazy
    So what did you think of the tom hank movie where hebis marooned on an island


    • Posted by Pam D on October 18, 2011 at 10:54 pm

      Crazy thing.. I never saw that movie! Oh my goodness… I need to Netflix it! I totally forgot about it. When it came out, my boy was little and we had no one around to watch him. Now I have Netflix.. I need to watch it! Thank you!


  2. OH MY GOSH PAMD. This stuff only happens to you. Right?

    And with your quickfire wit, I can imagine what a near impossiblity it was to not give the guy a bit of “perspective”, no?!?

    I am just sitting here agog. And shocked that I typed “agog”. Because it just doesn’t sound right.

    But WHO DOES THAT?!?! Oy.

    Thanks for linking up… I needed a tale like this to make me feel a wee bit more common sensical πŸ™‚


  3. And I’ve missed you. You must return to blogging!


  4. Are you kidding me? I tried to post that second comment, and your bratty little WordPress actually gave me the screen of death and said, “You are posting comments to quickly, slow down!”

    Methinks WordPress is a bit snooty. And SLOW.

    Nyah nyah.


  5. Pam, I love your stories–you a are a natural born storyteller! And I have to say that you did very well to keep your temper in check with that guy, as well as your sense of humor. Because guffawing derisively at a customer is probably not the thing to do.

    Love you!


  6. It has been too long since I stopped by – and am I glad that I did today! What a story…great laugh and one that I can’t wait to retell. “What til you hear this one?!?” Oh. my. goodness. Sometimes you think you have heard it all – but no.

    Hope life has been going well – enjoying fall, and that cute buddy of yours and all else life brings your way! Take care, friend. (Don’t be a stranger.)


  7. For a moment I thought the pony was in the box…air holes?

    good stuff…


  8. What a fun and crazy story! Thanks for the smile.


  9. Great blog and hilarious post! I like it even more because I’m in Memphis because my husband works for the purple and orange. πŸ˜‰ Crazy stories for sure.


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