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Splendiferous Autumn- i Heart Faces

This week’s I Heart Faces theme is “Autumn Splendor”. The leaves ended up being really colorful here for a couple of weeks, but for whatever reason, I’ve not been shooting them. Thankfully, I did a beautiful family shoot yesterday and got at least a little color in there. I adore this shot of the three boys doing their “jump”; it’s energetic, colorful, and FUN!


I know there will be some breathtaking photos entered in the contest, so be sure and head over there (just click the button at the top of this post) to check them out! I bet you’ll “fall” in love with at least a few!


Ode to Fall Leaves…

IMG_2172 wm

Blak is the new Black (for I Heart Faces)

Theme this week at I Heart Faces is “Black”. It must be a color photo, not black and white. I talked it over with my boy, because black really can be a good “guy” theme. And he thought of his Coke bottle collection, and the “Blak” bottle that he just got. And his black Skullcandy hat, and his old black t-shirt. So we went up to the barn behind our house, that has the shed with the old Ford tractor, and we just played around. And so, I present to you OUR interpretation of “Black”:


For more black photos, make sure to check out the links at I Heart Faces. And may your day be filled with color… even the color “Blak”…