Blak is the new Black (for I Heart Faces)

Theme this week at I Heart Faces is “Black”. It must be a color photo, not black and white. I talked it over with my boy, because black really can be a good “guy” theme. And he thought of his Coke bottle collection, and the “Blak” bottle that he just got. And his black Skullcandy hat, and his old black t-shirt. So we went up to the barn behind our house, that has the shed with the old Ford tractor, and we just played around. And so, I present to you OUR interpretation of “Black”:


For more black photos, make sure to check out the links at I Heart Faces. And may your day be filled with color… even the color “Blak”…


11 responses to this post.

  1. Your little guy is very wise in his choices. This is great!


  2. Now, if that photo isn’t a winner, I don’t know what is!


  3. great interpretation – I have never heard of that soda??


  4. Posted by Dana on November 7, 2011 at 9:18 am

    I adore that guy! He’s so willing to help his momma when she is in need! LOL LOVE LOVE LOVE the lighting!! It’s so dramatic! Perfect for this theme too!


  5. I love it Pam! You did a great job : ) Barns are such great places to shoot. Delicious light! I missed you and am SO glad you are back. Back with black. Rock on!


  6. Very cool. Nice work with the theme. πŸ™‚ Mary


  7. Ha! Perfect for this weeks theme!


  8. Okay – my favorite part of this whole thing – is that Adam PLANNED this with you, then went on the photoshoot with you. I mean – what a cool kid. Awesome shot – he looks far too serious and grown up. Tell him to knock off the growing up part, k? πŸ™‚


  9. Sometimes kids have the best ideas. Nice photo.


  10. Is there really Coke Blak? Neat picture.


  11. I have never heard of that flavor either. How is it different from regular Coke? You are so lucky to have a willing model. I really want to take Megan out for a photo session but she is not interested. (Too much like me and wants to be the one taking the photos rather than being the subject.)


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