Winter has arrived


Brrr.  Wind chill this morning was, I think, about 6 degrees.  AND it was the first day back to school for the boy, so we had to actually get up and out in it.  Blessings: a) not much traffic because Cobb Country schools are still out on break, which was really nice, and b) we have central heat in the house, a great heater in the van (and seat warmers…woot!) and closets full of warm clothes. Many are not so fortunate.  I need to remember that.


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  1. Abby started back to school today, too…and, boy, was it ever COLD! Yes, I’m so very thankful for heat and for my nice, warm electric blanket!


  2. Posted by Sue G on January 4, 2012 at 6:52 am

    It was near 80 degrees here in AZ, and, yes, it was a glorious day. But, truth be told, I do miss having four seasons a year. I miss chilly. I miss snow. I miss the color green. Here, we have about nine months of blazing summer heat and about three months of fluctuating temps that range in the 30’s for lows at nights to the 50’s-80’s during the day.

    Of course, in Chicago we only had two seasons: Winter and road work!



  3. I’m with Sue…. I miss four seasons too but I suppose 80 degree weather out here in AZ isn’t too bad after all… (((wink)))


  4. Brrrr……I know. It was a feels like of 14 this morning here. Winter has finally found its way to Nashville. Cute pic. You have really been turning out some great pics. And yes, there was the key deal also. LOL….that was not all either but I did not put the words me and Ray had in my blog!


  5. We’ve had our fun with the cold as well. I’m ready for spring!


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