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The Sad Tale of IB

Once upon a miracle time, there was a boy named IB. He was, by all appearances, a sweet, innocent, angelic boy. See?

Just look at that precious smile. Angel, right? What nobody knew was that behind that angelic countenance lay the mind of a brilliant criminal. IB built a profitable business in the trade of black market elbutts. While his sweet mother was slaving over a computer blogging and his metrosexual father was at the spa, getting yet another mani/pedi, IB would sneak out to the barn and conduct business:

IMG_2403 copy w

His plan seemed foolproof. There was nobody to hear his nefarious schemes but the horses. What he didn’t realize, though, was that JB, the horse in stall #3, was the great, great grandson of Mr. Ed:
Mr edw

When the Feds got wind of the stinky black market trading, they quietly tried to locate a reliable witness. When they stumbled upon JB, they couldn’t believe their good luck. All it took to make him roll over was the promise of a lifetime of premium oats, bran mash, and sweet alfalfa. Soon, it was all over. IB didn’t know what hit him til it was too late:
mugshot_thumb w

His broken-hearted parents visit him every chance they get at the pen. And JB? Well, he thinks he got the last laugh:
JD laughs w

But IB comes up for parole in six months, and Obama just legalized the sale of horsemeat for human consumption. JB, you better watch your back, buddy…. ;

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