The Sad Tale of IB

Once upon a miracle time, there was a boy named IB. He was, by all appearances, a sweet, innocent, angelic boy. See?

Just look at that precious smile. Angel, right? What nobody knew was that behind that angelic countenance lay the mind of a brilliant criminal. IB built a profitable business in the trade of black market elbutts. While his sweet mother was slaving over a computer blogging and his metrosexual father was at the spa, getting yet another mani/pedi, IB would sneak out to the barn and conduct business:

IMG_2403 copy w

His plan seemed foolproof. There was nobody to hear his nefarious schemes but the horses. What he didn’t realize, though, was that JB, the horse in stall #3, was the great, great grandson of Mr. Ed:
Mr edw

When the Feds got wind of the stinky black market trading, they quietly tried to locate a reliable witness. When they stumbled upon JB, they couldn’t believe their good luck. All it took to make him roll over was the promise of a lifetime of premium oats, bran mash, and sweet alfalfa. Soon, it was all over. IB didn’t know what hit him til it was too late:
mugshot_thumb w

His broken-hearted parents visit him every chance they get at the pen. And JB? Well, he thinks he got the last laugh:
JD laughs w

But IB comes up for parole in six months, and Obama just legalized the sale of horsemeat for human consumption. JB, you better watch your back, buddy…. ;

For more “Tales of Itty Bit”, check out this post at Once Upon a Miracle, in the comments section. You might even come up with one of your own….that giveaway is pretty darn sweet!


10 responses to this post.

  1. Now, that is quite a story if I’ve ever heard one! That mug shot is just too much! Thanks for feeling my pain with this whole aging stuff! There’s comfort in numbers, right? 😉


  2. LOL…what a great story. Great pics. Pam….you are a mess.


  3. Yes Pam D. you are a mess LOL Butt!!!! if you ever need a tip on where to go for a mani \ pedi, just say the word….

    thanks for the *snorts* and giggles today…

    you.da.bomb… 🙂


  4. I don’t even know where to start. I giggled and snorted my way through this whole thing (just like the metro Mr. Daddy did, apparently).

    I am lovin’ that JB! But IB is rather well-connected… being pals with Kona and all… I think she might be able to sway JB from his rat-finsky ways!

    Love all the pictures you chose… it did my heart good to see you back to blogging and making me laugh as only you can!

    Love you! You get total extra credit for this! 🙂


  5. what a great story. Great pics. Pam….you are a mess.


  6. oh my!!!! rofl… visiting from Rachel’s


  7. OMG I am dying here. Love it so much.


  8. That totally links to my old blog. Sorry.


  9. I knew that kid was NO GOOD! Mr. Daddy is bad news too…I say round ’em all up…


  10. Who’ s laughing?…not me…I wouldn’t do that at all!…excuse me~~~~~bahahahaha!


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