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The Creativity Project: Faceless Photos


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There’s a group called “The Creativity Project” that I’ve found through my sweetest friend in the world, Beckalicious Becky Adams (who blogs at THE best blogspot in the world, Life With Kaishon. They have a monthly theme, and they send readers from blog to blog to read each post. It’s a VERY cool idea. I didn’t make it into this month’s circle, but I decided to do a blog about the theme, anyway. It’s “Faceless Photos”, and I really love that theme. I wish I took more faceless photos; they oftentimes capture the essence of a person or situation even more than a photo with a face. Instead of trying to interpret an expression, you actually SEE what it is that is happening. Here are the photos that I would have chosen from if I were going to play along. Which one would I have picked?  I don’t know… how about you?


I am still here!

Decided that I better put SOMETHING here to let WordPress know that I haven’t totally abandoned my site! Too many posts from the past; I would be heartbroken to lose everything. And who knows.. maybe I’ll start blogging again.