The Creativity Project: Faceless Photos


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There’s a group called “The Creativity Project” that I’ve found through my sweetest friend in the world, Beckalicious Becky Adams (who blogs at THE best blogspot in the world, Life With Kaishon. They have a monthly theme, and they send readers from blog to blog to read each post. It’s a VERY cool idea. I didn’t make it into this month’s circle, but I decided to do a blog about the theme, anyway. It’s “Faceless Photos”, and I really love that theme. I wish I took more faceless photos; they oftentimes capture the essence of a person or situation even more than a photo with a face. Instead of trying to interpret an expression, you actually SEE what it is that is happening. Here are the photos that I would have chosen from if I were going to play along. Which one would I have picked?  I don’t know… how about you?


5 responses to this post.

  1. Pam, this is awesome! Can you share a link on our wall? We will be happy to promote it tomorrow. You did a great job1 Really, fabulous. The bug picture reminded me of Adam when he was young. Remember when you used to take bug pictures all the time? Isn’t it crazy how they grow?


  2. I love your series of faceless photos, Pam! LOVE the little hands resting against the book.


  3. the grasshopper, the hands resting on the book, and the pianist are my FAVS. awesome post!


  4. thanks for joining in on the fun Pam, great post! love the last shot : )


  5. Posted by toni cursio on November 13, 2013 at 11:24 pm

    i loved them all… but can identify with the two shoes… so many mornings of mismatched socks 🙂
    thank you for posting again, pam.


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